During Wednesday night's Red Sox-Rays game, Boston play by play announcer Don Orsillo told quite a bizarre story about a lizard that snuck into his hotel room while he was at the game on Tuesday.

The whole story was a contest of humblebragging between Orsillo and color commentator Derek Lowe, as the reason the lizard got into the room was because Orsillo's hotel room had an outdoor jacuzzi and he left the door open. Lowe then began to talk about living in Florida and having a pool in his backyard with a cage for any reptiles he may come across.

Orsillo is also terrified that a snake, alligator, or other reptile would be hiding out in his room when he returned from the game that night. According to Orsillo's Twitter account, the lizard is now missing, and he's horrified about it being in his luggage and going back to the northeast with him. So, he's got that going for him, which is nice.


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