If you grew up in the 90s like I did, there is one name and one name alone that stands atop the world of sports commercials – the great Tom Emanski.  I must have seen 7,361 Tom Emanski commercials for his fundamentals of baseball growing up and then just like that… he disappeared.  Where did he go?  Could he not convert to DVD?  Did he go off into the Alaskan wilderness to find himself?  Did he convert to cricket?

While the myth of Tom Emanski will hopefully someday come to light in a future 30 for 30, for now let's enjoy this amazing kickball spoof of those classic spots…

Naturally, the only thing missing from the parody video is the seal of approval from Fred McGriff… or whoever his kickball equivalent would be.  And here's the original version so you can relive some cool 90s nostalgia…

Why hasn't baseball been able to reach younger fans like they once did?  Because there's no modern day Tom Emanski.  Help us Tom Emanski, you're our only hope.

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