20th Century Fox will be developing a feature film based on the life of Kurt Warner after acquiring his life rights. The film will focus on Warner's journey to the NFL, beginning with him not being drafted before heading to Arena Football and Europe and eventually taking over as Rams quarterback and winning the Super Bowl and the MVP award in 1999.

We've been seeing a couple of films based on football true stories lately, including Invincible and The Blind Side. Go ahead and throw the Kurt Warner Story onto that list, but honestly, where's the mainstream appeal for this? Warner came out of nowhere, became a superstar…and then fell back into mediocrity for years after his second MVP award? It almost seems like this would be a better for as a 30 for 30 as opposed to a full-length feature film.

But honestly, I'd rather movies like this get made as opposed to flaming pieces of garbage like Trouble with the Curve. Just because it might not appeal to me personally doesn't mean there won't be interest from people who haven't heard Warner's story before and know nothing about him. That's the crowd this film will likely appeal to, and not all of us who know Warner was a former Iowa Barnstormer and a former Amsterdam Admiral.

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