Jon Gruden’s QB Camp is back… with Manti Te’o

If there is any lingering belief that Jon Gruden might make a later-than-usual return to coaching by taking over for Jason Garrett in Dallas in February or March, that can probably be put to bed with the announcement that the fourth season of Gruden's "QB Camp" will debut on ESPN2 on Thurs. Apr. 4. The […]


Happy New Year from Matt Millen & Drake

AA wishes you a Happy New Year from the unlikeliest of all combos… Matt Millen and an oversized portrait of Drake.  It's good to see Millen happy in this picture posted by his ESPN colleague Maria Taylor… he must think Drake is really the last name of a top wide receiver prospect from the Canadian […]

Video: Here’s Adam Schefter multitasking on SportsCenter The NFL's Black Monday turned into quite the opportunity for NFL reporters to shine.  With seemingly half of the league's coaches on the firing block, news came fast and furious.  One of the NFL's top newsbreakers, Adam Schefter, turned in a yeoman's performance.  While his network may finally be showing some positive signs in […]

Cowboys-Redskins draws best NFL primetime rating in 15 years

Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more. The Washington Redskins defeated the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night in the final game of the NFL's regular season to win the NFC East title and earn a playoff berth.  However, the biggest winner may have been NBC as the game delivered not just the […]

Announcer calmly talks us through massive hockey brawl If you're aching for some good old fashioned hockey fights, something called the Southern Professional Hockey League is here for you!  This slobberknocker between the Hunstville Havoc and the Mississippi Surge involves both benches, players, goalies, trainers, and everyone in between.  The best part of the video though is the play by play man calmly leading […]

Jon Gruden will reportedly interview for NFL coaching jobs

With Black Monday upon us, one of the more popular names on the coaching free agent market has surfaced again: ESPN analyst Jon Gruden, who will reportedly be willing to interview with teams for their head coaching jobs now that the season has finished according to CBS. Gruden has been tied to a number of […]


The Best of AA 2012

By now you're probably extremely tired of every website publishing a barrage of year end best and worst lists, awards, recaps, and retrospectives. Sorry to add to your weariness. Seeing as how we survived that rumored apocalypse and appear (knock on wood) to have made it through 2012, it's inspired all of us around the […]


Hey look, ESPN is crediting Jay Glazer by name now!

Encouraging signs of a changing of the guard in Bristol?  Saturday, Fox's Jay Glazer fired another shot at ESPN accusing them of not crediting him for breaking a story and folding his work into Bristol's mysterious "sources."  After an exchange with an ESPN producer, Glazer was incredulous over learning that his work was included with […]

The best TV news bloopers of 2012 Occasionally at AA, we'll take a jaunt away from the sports world and take a look at the foibles of wider television and media.  In no way is awful announcing exclusive to the likes of Tim McCarver and Skip Bayless.  No, there were plenty of bloopers, gaffes, and laughs to be had from the […]

Five takeaways from 2012 in sports media

It's been an eventful year in the sports media world, but it hasn't been an easy-to-summarize one. The year's top sports stories have run the gamut from horrifying to exhilarating, with everything from the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State scandal to the Olympics to the Lance Armstrong saga getting plenty of attention, and there have been huge […]


Twitter Wars – Doug Gottlieb vs Richard Deitsch

What would the end of 2012 be without one last Twitter War?  It's been a while since we've seen SI's Richard Deitsch step into the squared circle as bitter rival Darren Rovell retired earlier this year with his move to ESPN.  As Rovell has departed from the scene, Deitsch has yet to find a new […]