With the books closed on the 2011 NFL regular season, we can also close the books on the first ever edition of the Dickies.  Thanks to all our readers in helping with the launch of this initiative to give us a Sunday counterpart to the AA staple of the Pammies.  I think we’ll all be satisfied with who takes home the first ever Straight Outta Stockton title.  But first, here are the winning quotes from Week 17.  The envelope, please…

T9) “Eric Decker is the best.” – Phil Simms (via bjo109).  Umm… ok?

T9) “He was inside the circle of love.” – Dan Dierdorf on a punt fair catch (via ConnorKiesel)

8) “When you give [Michael Turner] gaping holes, he’s going to hurt some people.” –Dick Stockton… Ok then. (via sctvman)

7) “No one wants to come to New England to play Greg Williams and his defense” –Joe Buck not knowing where New Orleans is. (via jleimer)

6) “Oakland lost to the Heat, *pause* and maybe the Dolphins too”- Marv Albert(via JayAyyyy) moving on to NBA season.

5) “That last play they had five offensive linemen in for extra protection” – Randy Cross (via wyattgywon)

4) “Cincy’s the wild card, the Jets are out of the playoffs, and Cincy has their playoff hopes dashed as well.” – Curt Menefee (via A_Goch)

3) “That was a penalty and that doesn’t count, but that was also one of the most brilliant plays I’ve seen in a long time.” – Cris Collinsworth (via CMehring)

2) “No one works harder, but no one knows less about this game than I do.” – Brian Billick (via ClarkbarTweets).  C’mon, Billick actually said this?

1)“Let’s take a look at Jared Allen’s sack.” – Tony Siragusa (via chaz_mcbro)


2011 Dickies Top 10

WINNER: Dick Stockton 92 pts


As if it were deemed by the fates and muses of AA, Dick Stockton is your inaugural winner of the Dickies Awards.  Who else could it be?  After all, it was Dick’s announcing performance in a Saints/Panthers game earlier this season that was the genesis of the awards that bear his name.  Yes, he will always be a respected name amongst announcers (he even had his own trading card?!?! announcing trading cards existed? how was I not aware of this?!?), but he’s also had his moments in recent years that will go down in AA lore.

Let’s take a look at some of the great quotes from Dick Stockton that won him the first ever Straight Outta Stockton vote…

Week 6: “There he is, lined up in the slot. Wait, no he’s not.” – Dick Stockton (via bjo109)

Week 9: “Picking up 1 yard… or 9 I should say!” – Dick Stockton (via AA)

Week 10: “Ken Whisenhunt and Andy Reid in a robbery that has been dead even down through the years.” – Dick Stockton (via CK29) 

Week 11: “That’s Tony Scheffler’s 5th touchdown of the game, 2nd only to Calvin Johnson….” – Dick Stockton(via Packey)

Week 13: John Lynch: “Dez Bryant slipped there.” 
Dick Stockton: “Yeah, and so did Dez Bryant. You wonder if there’s a problem.” (via SportsByDallas)

Week 14: “Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are the gold standard of baseball broadcasts.” – Dick Stockton (via JoshButters)

And the rest of the 2011 Dickies standings…

T2) Phil Simms 64 pts

T2) Brian Billick 64 pts

4) Jon Gruden 47 pts

5) Chris Berman 39 pts

6) Joe Buck 38 pts

7) Mike Tirico 28 pts

8) Tony Siragusa 23 pts

9) Cris Collinsworth 22 pts

10) Al Michaels 15.5 pts

Others receiving votes – Curt Menefee 15 pts, Dan Dierdorf 14.5 pts, Dave Lapham 14 pts, Jim Mora 14 pts, Thom Brennaman 13 pts,  Rich Gannon 12 pts, Marv Albert 12 pts, Terry Bradshaw 10 pts, Scott Hanson 10 pts, Jim Nantz 10, Deion Sanders 10, Dan Fouts 8.5 pts, Bob Griese 8.5 pts, Troy Aikman 8 pts, Joe Theismann 8 pts, Dan Patrick 7 pts,  Mike Mayock 6 pts, Ron Pitts 6 pts, Randy Cross 6 pts, Daryl Johnston 5 pts, Marcellus Wiley 5 pts, Tim Ryan 5 pts, Bob Costas 4 pts, Michael Irvin 4 pts, Warren Moon 3 pts, Keyshawn Johnson 3 pts, Chad Pennington 2 pts, Chris Myers 2 pts, Ron Jaworski 1 pt, Rodney Harrison 1 pt.

And next week we’ll be back to take each week’s winners and a few of our other favorite quotes for the Dicky of the Year.

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