Two Billy Packer Chronicles votes are in the books and Charles Barkley takes home the top spot yet again for this amazing clip revolving around his excitement for Hardcore Pawn.  However, in spite of taking home the first two votes, Sir Charles doesn’t lead our standings because of the overall body of work and valutility of one of CBS’s game analysts.  The envelope please…

10) “He once ate the entire turkey at Christmas, not this year, he’s svelt.” – Tim Brando on MSU’s Derrick Nix. (via AA)

9) “This Kentucky team sure has raised a lot of eyebrow lately” – Ernie Johnson (via arineliza)

8) “You want a sandwich, Verne? Pickles, burger, Mayo!!” – Bill Raftery (via LochNessMunchys)

7) “And Norfolk State, shocking victors over Duke yesterday.” – Verne Lundquist (via AA)

6) “It’s weird that when you challenge shots, the shooting percentage goes down.” – Clark Kellogg (via ryan_balke)

5) “That’s just a gangster move right there” – Len Elmore (via jackhammer619)

4) “There’s a block charge” – Reggie Miller (via Michael Necci)

3) “I absolutely guarantee that I’m right.  Unless I’m wrong.” – Seth Davis (via crippenstation)

2) “And yet, only a 2 possession, actually a 3 possession game, 5 point deficit” – Clark Kellogg (via RYbbc34)

1) “I know what I’m gonna watch tonight!  Oh, sorry, wrong spelling… I saw four letters and got excited!” – Charles Barkley on Hardcore Pawn (via AA)

Round of 32 Top 5

1) Clark Kellogg 22 pts

2) Charles Barkley 20 pts 

3) Reggie Miller 15 pts

4) Bill Raftery 10 pts

5) Matt Winer 9 pts

Others receiving votes – Seth Davis 8 pts, Bob Wenzel 6 pts, Len Elmore 6 pts, Ian Eagle 4 pts, Verne Lundquist 4 pts, Dan Bonner 2 pts, Ernie Johnson 2 pts, Tim Brando 1 pt, Kenny Smith 1 pt.

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