With each round of the NCAA Tournament we will be awarding points in the Billy Packer Chronicles!  Our first vote combines the top quotes from the First Four and the First Round (or Second Round as the NCAA ridiculously want you to believe, why don’t they just try to make us go by the metric system while they’re at it).  You know the drill.  We’ll roll out 10+ quotes for you to pick from representing a given round of the tournament.  You can vote for up to five.  After the weekend, we’ll tally up the votes giving 10 points to the top votegetter all the way down to 1 point for 10th place.  A new Chronicles goes out today and tomorrow with the Second Round and a new poll will be out Monday with the best quotes from the Round of 32.  At the end of the tournament, the announcer with the most points wins our first ever Billies title.  Here are your first ever NCAA Tournament nominees… with the first ever appearance from not one but two heads of state…

1) “Western Kentucky pulls off one of the greatest comebacks in NCAA tournament history” – Jim Nantz (via JoeCNC)

2) “And the Hilltoppers just keep… hill topping.” – Clark Kellogg (via ktquick)

3) “I’d like to say both teams are shooting terribly.” – Barack Obama (via AA)

4) “It’s hard to follow, sometimes, exactly who has done what wrong.” – David Cameron (via HuffPost Sports)

5) “And Bak Bak with the miss miss!” – Ian Eagle (via AA)

6) “They are confident strokers.” – Bill Raftery (via KSJ49)

7) “His mother is a nurse in the state of Minneapolis.” — Bob Wenzel (via MCPitlik)

8) “What a dodge to bullet.” – Reggie Miller (via sudikoff)

9) Seth Davis: “Can I ask you a question? Do you know what network we’re on?” 
Matt Winer: “I have no idea.” 
Davis: “Do you really not know?” 
Winer: “I’m really not sure.” (via tomatPSU)

10) Charles Barkley: “I was 10-2 yesterday… 10-3 I think.”
Ernie Johnson: “There were 16 games yesterday.” (via AA)

11) “Shaka pulled off another shocker last night” – Tim Brando (via SSReporters)

12) “You can’t eat the whole pizza all at once. You gotta do it by slice” – Clark Kellogg (via coach4771)

13) “The bank is open late for St. Louie-Louie” – Tim Brando (via eltancramer)

14) “He’ll be Dairy Queen’d, DQ’d.” – Clark Kellogg (via AA)

15) “No intentionality there.” – Clark Kellogg (via sctvman)

16) “Boom boom bang usually ends with a pretty good thing.” – Jim Nantz (via barefootd)

17) “The game is a lot easier when the ball goes in the basket.” – Dan Bonner (via sctvman)

18) “When you’ve got a guy that can eat glass like that…” – Clark Kellogg (via AA)

19) “Norfolk-sanity has started.”  ~ Kenny Smith (via crippenstation)

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