I’m sure you’re a lot like me, just now recovering from missing out on another classic Yanks/Sawx encounter that was rained out last night on ESPN.  At least the WWL was able to fill that sacred time with meaningful discussion, which amounted to breaking down the Red Sox struggles for the 1,347th time already this season.  Thankfully, Buster Olney was able to give us the informative picture above to precisely break down exactly who was to blame.  

The only surprising thing was that the Baseball Tonight set of Ravech, Olney, Kruk, and Terry Francona wasn’t surrounded by flames since the show was officially taking place from the 7th circle of hell.  It must be tough being Theo Epstein right now, considering he also shares 15.8% of the blame for the Cubs start.  I’m just surprised Buster missed Babe Ruth, Bucky Dent, beer, George W. Bush, and the Mayan Apocalypse as further places of blame for the Sawx being 4-10.  The best part though was Terry Francona saying there was “no fair way” to break down the blame game.  Please for the love of God let’s move on before I start setting my ears on fire.

Surprisingly, the Sawx only make one national appearance this week while the Yankees make four, including two against the red hot Rangers and Josh Hamilton.  The White Sox make two appearances coming off of Phillip Humber’s perfect game.  Meanwhile, the FOX Game of the Week looks to be Brewers/Cardinals and ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball will see the Rays visit the Rangers.

Monday April 23

New York Yankees @ Texas Rangers (ESPN 7PM) Sean McDonough, Aaron Boone, Rick Sutcliffe

Tuesday April 24

New York Yankees @ Texas Rangers (MLBN 8PM) Local Broadcast [Alt: Red Sox @ Twins]

Chicago White Sox @ Oakland Athletics (WGNA 10PM) Ken Harrelson, Steve Stone

Wednesday April 25

St. Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs (WGNA 2PM) Len Kasper, Bob Brenly

Los Angeles Angels @ Tampa Bay Rays (ESPN2 7PM) Dave O’Brien, Nomar Garciaparra

Thursday April 26

Boston Red Sox @ Chicago White Sox (MLBN/WGNA 8PM) Local Broadcast [Alt: Blue Jays @ Orioles 7PM]

Friday April 27

Detroit Tigers @ New York Yankees (MLBN 7PM) Matt Vasgersian, Jim Kaat [Alt: Cubs @ Phillies]

Saturday April 28

Milwaukee Brewers @ St. Louis Cardinals (FOX 1PM) TBA

Los Angeles Angels @ Cleveland Indians  (FOX 1PM) TBA

Kansas City Royals @ Minnesota Twins  (FOX 1PM) TBA

Chicago Cubs @ Philadelphia Phillies (MLBN 7PM) Local Broadcast [Alt: D-backs @ Marlins]

Sunday April 29

Detroit Tigers @ New York Yankees (TBS 1PM) Brian Anderson, John Smoltz, Ron Darling

Chicago Cubs @ Philadelphia Phillies (WGNA 1:30PM) Len Kasper, Bob Brenly

Tampa Bay Rays @ Texas Rangers (ESPN 8PM) Dan Shulman, Orel Hershiser, Terry Francona

H/T Sammy!