One of the indelible memories of the 2012 Olympics will be British track hero Mo Farah.  Farah won double gold in the 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters in front of the home crowd at Olympic Stadium in two thrilling races.  And you can't remember Mo Farah without also saving room in the memory bank for the home BBC broadcast that cheered him home to victory.  The 10,000 meters footage of the studio cheering made even the hair on the arms of non-Brits stand up.  For Farah's 5,000 meters win, the BBC spliced together footage of the race call and the studio reaction.  By no means will you hear me criticize Olympic announcers from any country for being too jingoistic and cheering their own athletes, that unifying force of competing for your country and everyone in it is what the Games are all about.

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