This newspaper clipping above has been making the rounds around Twitter. The article comes from the Rayne Independent and refers to Louisiana's Rayne High School softball team. A quick search on Max Preps shows the offending coach to be Louis Handy, who also seems to be a pretty decorated boys basketball coach with over 500 wins.  However, the author of the article is evidently no fan of Handy because of the lack of information available regarding pitcher Hailey Habetz.

Some other fun facts researching this story include:

– The newspaper in question doesn't have a website. Really.

– Rayne has just under 9000 residents and is almost the halfway point between New Orleans and Houston.

– Rayne is the frog capital of the world.

– Zito from Real World Las Vegas (the guy who was discovered to be in some adult websites) is from Rayne.

– Rayne has a strict uniform policy

(H/T Best Of New Orleans)

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