Weber Cooks is the newest internet sensation

Thanks to The Soup and Gawker, I came across these two videos, which are just about the darndest things I've ever seen.  They're short "cooking" segments that come from the Weber State University student news program and a man named Steven Reed.  

I put the word cooking in quotes because these aren't the cooking segments you may be used to if you grew up with Graham Kerr or Justin Wilson like I did.  No, instead, Reed teaches the Weber State faithful how to make Rice-a-Roni and chili cheese nacho dip… in the microwave… with the kind of enthusiasm you'd see from Mike Tirico calling Panthers-Eagles.  (Also, from now on I'm starting every conversation with a deadpan "Hello Wildcats.")  Reed is a Weber State student who was apparently putting these segments together for his degree in integrated studies.  He also happens to be a registered sex offender.  Wrap your mind around that before you watch these viral videos…

While it's easy to endlessly mock these videos, there's many a blogger out there that depend on these sort of meals to get by.  The microwave is a blogger's best friend.  I actually prefer Minute rice to Rice a Roni, though because it takes a much shorter time to cook.  Also, I'd encourage mixing the cheese sauce with the chili a bit more thoroughly.  Allow the flavors to mix.



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