The National Football League's Washington team nickname is a derogatory term. As you know, it's the "Redskins." I'm not going to waste your time pontificating my thoughts on the matter, as you can simply google the term to find a wealth of information if you so choose. But let's face it, the term "Redskins" isn't exactly the the most politically correct team nickname in pro sports. 

The Kansas City Star has had a longtime policy discouraging the use of the “Redskins” nickname, and it appears that the Washington City Paper is now following suit. They will no longer refer to the hometown team as the Washington "Redskins" but rather, the Washington "Pigskins." And this is (apparently) the only way in which they will refer to the team going forward.  Apparently they had a reader poll of some sort, and this is what the readers voted. As expected, they stated their displeasure with the nickname, and like many others, find it crazy that the NFL allows this nickname to continue to exist. Especially in this day and age.  And really, I can't blame them. It's offensive and ignorant.

So who knows, perhaps this will help prod Commishioner Goodell to finally taking action on the team nickname change, but I won't hold my breath as Mr. Goodell acts upon his own schedule and interests.

The Washington Redski… err, "Pigskins" owner Daniel Snyder had sued the paper in the past for an unflattering article, so there's some history between the paper and the franchise.

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