Charles Barkley currently leads the standings for the 2012 Billy Packer Chronicles.  And, judging by this clip, it’s a safe bet that he’ll continue to lead those standings heading into the Sweet 16.  But, it’s up to you to decide that.  Charles’ thoughts on Hardcore porn Pawn and the rest of the best quotes from the weekend have been collected for your voting pleasure.  Remember, you can vote for up to five.  We’ll be back again on Thursday with the updated standings and the Sweet 16 Open Thread.  Here are your second round of Billies nominees…

1) “He once ate the entire turkey at Christmas, not this year, he’s svelt.” – Tim Brando on MSU’s Derrick Nix. (via AA)

2) “Kendall Marshall is the Central Nervous System of the Tar Heels” – Steve Lavin (via verdint)

3) “Victor Rudd broke out the crank!” – Ian Eagle (via Irish1one)

4) “It’s weird that when you challenge shots, the shooting percentage goes down.” – Clark Kellogg (via ryan_balke)

5) “3 point lead and a timeout!  No, excuse me, foul.” – Tim Brando (via crippenstation)

6) “I absolutely guarantee that I’m right.  Unless I’m wrong.” – Seth Davis (via crippenstation)

7) “Even inspector gadget couldn’t stop this one” – Jim Nantz (via jordangreene87)

8) “And yet, only a 2 possession, actually a 3 possession game, 5 point deficit” – Clark Kellogg (via RYbbc34)

9) “You want a sandwich, Verne? Pickles, burger, Mayo!!” – Bill Raftery (via LochNessMunchys)

10) “And Norfolk State, shocking victors over Duke yesterday.” – Verne Lundquist (via AA)

11) “David Stockton, really has changed the complexity by his hustle & determination.” – Reggie Miller (via AA)

12) “The rim looks as wide as the Pacific Ocean” – Bob Wenzel (via RyanECU)

13) “There’s a block charge” – Reggie Miller (via Michael Necci)

14) “This Kentucky team sure has raised a lot of eyebrow lately” – Ernie Johnson (via arineliza)

15) “To me the pink elephant in the room was not their zone” – Kenny Smith (via The Notorious SK)

16) “I like the loosies…” – Bill Raftery (via LochNessMunchys)

17) “That’s just a gangster move right there” – Len Elmore (via jackhammer619)

18) “I know what I’m gonna watch tonight!  Oh, sorry, wrong spelling… I saw four letters and got excited!” – Charles Barkley on Hardcore Pawn (via AA)

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