VIDEO: Shaq beat boxes live on TNT

During Sunday’s Spurs-Thunder game, Shaquille O’Neal got ahold of a poster of Charles Barkley in drag (stemming from Barkley’s Weight Watchers promo and this video released by San Antonio’s mayor towards Barkley). After a commercial break on Inside the NBA, Shaq started moving the poster while some generic (and awful) dance music played, and he began…. to beat box and freestyle. Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith looked like they were about to die, while Barkley sat there at first with a look of rage on his face that ultimately dissolved into uproarious laughter as Shaq started getting more and more ridiculous.

If this is going to be the swan song for Shaq on TNT this year, at least he’s going out like a champion. The only way that segment could have gotten better would be if Johnson started dancing like Shaq when he grabbed his arm.

[h/t: SportsGrid]

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