During tonight's Pirates-Rockies game, Michael Cuddyer of the Rockies grounds into a double play, going from Clint Barmes to Neil Walker to Casey McGehee. After the DP is turned, Pirates announcer Greg Brown shouts "two more scoops of vanilla!" after the play is turned, and then tops it off by praising "the blue collar boys!"

On the surface this call doesn't sound that awful, perhaps just a little strange. But, it is filled with conventional stereotypes that could be easily avoidable in hindsight. What if the DP was turned by a pair of African-American players, and Brown said "two more scoops of chocolate!" The reaction to that would be vitriolic, and this was essentially the same thing… but with white players.

Maybe it seems harmless, and it's likely without malice, but Brown could choose his words a bit more carefully.

[h/t: WHYGAVS, Bucs Dugout]

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