Well isn't this a doozy. NFL referee Tony Corrente can be heard swearing at another referee during a post-play discussion.  This happened yesterday during the Colts vs Dolphins game, live on a national TV broadcast.  The reaction of the booth, "OOOHHHH" is classic.  Apparently Tony Corrente didn't realize his microphone was still on, which led to viewers hearing the expletive directed at the other referee.  

But that's not all, it actually happened twice! 

The Colts radio crew were even more apoplectic than the CBS television broadcasters over Corrente dropping an f bomb over a hot mic that went out over their airwaves…

I wonder if Mr. Corrente will be getting a visit from a league office representative in the very near future.  Good to know fans and players aren't the only ones consistently swearing at referees.

H/T Welikesportztx, Deadspin

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