Monday Night Football doesn't have the advantage of flex scheduling, which has the potential to produce late season stinkers like the Jets/Titans game the nation witnessed tonight.  But thankfully, the 2012 New York Jets may be the greatest example of sporting schadenfreude we've ever seen.  Gang green bumbled and stumbled and finally fumbled away the game and their season.  

Even though Mark Sanchez threw 4 INTs, the Jets somehow still had a chance to win after a shanked punt with under a minute to play.  Naturally, Sanchez fumbled the snap on the first play of the drive and after the ball was kicked away, Tennessee recovered for the victory.  Mike Tirico then delivered this brilliant line burying putting a nice Christmas bow around the Jets season…

"That's the way this game should end, that's the way the Jets season should end.  Ugly, and a loss!"

After hearing Tirico and Jon Gruden call the 4th Quarter with the enthusiasm of a preseason game, it was fantastic to hear Tirico bury the Jets with so much glee and vigor.  What delicious irony that their overhyped, oversaturated, disastrous, comical season would end on ESPN airwaves.  

By the way, Tim Tebow had a better QB rating than Mark Sanchez tonight thanks to his 0/1 passing for 0 yards.  I smell a quarterback controversy!

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