Video: Here’s your Election Night blooper reel

Last night President Obama won a second term by holding off the challenge of Governor Mitt Romney.  This is great news because this process is finally over and we can go back to our normal lives.  Gone are the endless supply of awful ads.  Gone are the insufferable tweets encouraging you to vote.  Gone are the annoying Facebook statuses from that "friend" you met that one time in college whose life mission is to convince you to agree with their political candidate of choice via Facebook.  Gone is all the haughtiness from all corners of the interwebs.  Ok, that last one is still going to be there.


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And while the only candidate we endorse this year is Skip Bayless, who will soon appear on AA's Mount Rushmore after winning our own Election Day poll yesterday, a media event this big deserves some semblance of coverage from us.  So, we scoured the web to come up with the best blooper reel moments from 2012 Election coverage from across the country…

Diane Sawyer is acting really weird, you guys

The biggest question of the night wasn't about the election at all.  The major talking point on Twitter and elsewhere quickly became "Is Diane Sawyer drunk?"  Just watch this Anchorman-esque mashup of Sawyer's bizarre behavior – talking slowly, leaning on her desk, and saying random things throughout the evening.  Just look at poor George Stephanopoulos trying to endure this madness.  WE NEED OUR MUSIC!!! (h/t @JimmyTraina)


The first stage of grief is always denial

Over at Fox News, Karl Rove was in denial that Barack Obama won Ohio and questioned his own network's call of the state, and the election, for the President.  This led to chaotic scenes and the network basically eating its own live on air… (h/t Talking Points Memo)

Chris Matthews: "I'm so glad we had that storm last week…"

Oh dear… 

Wow, Wyclef Jean!  No, wait… who is this guy?

Blake Burman from WSVN in Miami has no clue who this world renowned musician is standing next to him, even calling him "Wall-eh" which I think was a dumb movie about a robot or something.  We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you, Blake!

"Barack Obama is not white"

ABC's Matthew Dowd called this 2012 election, "the last presidential race two white men run against each other."  Seriously.  This happened.  ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper came on the air to break… err… confirm the news that Barack Obama is indeed African-American.


(Pic via bubbaprog)

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