Check out Dwight Howard in this Public Service Announcement from The Center Center for Centers, on The NOC sports entertainment channel. In a new change to this year's NBA all-star ballot voting, the center position has been taken off the ballot; and now people are simply voting amongst all available big men to fill the three "frontcourt" positions.

Ironically, perhaps its actually good for Dwight that the center position has been removed. His LA Lakers aren't exactly tearing up the league with their horrendous 9-13 start to the season. They're currently on track to miss the playoffs, which has only happened five times in the history of the franchise.

The Sarah McLachlan-inspired music is just a perfect fit for this video and the montage throughout. While Dwight Howard's at it making parody videos about saving centers, maybe he could save his free throw shooting, his popularity… and the Lakers, if there's still time after all that.

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