Cris Collinsworth is a polarizing analyst.  Some fans recognize his ability to break down a game and analyze what's happening while our timeline is filled with other fans who find him insufferable.  Generally, I'd place Collinsworth in the former category as there are few analysts in any sport as good as Collinsworth as immediately breaking down and spotlighting key elements of a game.  That's exactly what happened at the end of last night's Chargers-Saints Sunday Night Football game.

As the Chargers were driving down by a touchdown with less than a minute to go, Philip Rivers was pressured by Saints DE Martez Wilson.  When looking at the replay, Collinsworth noted Chargers LT Jared Gaither looking hobbled. While it's easy enough to spot an injured player, it's another thing to predict Wilson was going to beat Gaither and end the game on the next play.  Have you seen the Saints pass rush the first four games of this season?  

"Gaither looks lame, he's going to have to get some help, or Wilson is going to get a sack to end this game."

The next play, Gaither didn't get help, and Wilson's sack fumble clinched the game for New Orleans just as Collinsworth had predicted.  This is the closest thing to a walk off you'll ever see from an announcer.

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