After a lengthy and ineffective holdout, Mike Wallace is back with the Pittsburgh Steelers this week. And that means that for the first time all offseason, the media was able to get a piece of the speedy young wideout. 

But before those with credentials had their chance to ask Wallace questions about his contract dispute, his return and his feelings about the new offense, teammate James Harrison took it upon himself to conduct an interview with him.

It's just another example of players taking the media — literally — into their own hands. We'll always need beat reporters as middle men, but nowadays fans are getting news directly from the sources, without as much filtering. Twitter and Facebook and other social media streams make that possible, and Harrison has taken full advantage. 

Harrison also conducted an interview with Antonio Brown Wednesday, and both were posted immediately to his Facebook page. Rachel Nichols better watch her back.

(Hat tips to BTSC and Telly)