A Ukranian TV station had the brilliant idea of putting a camera with an attractive reporter in the middle of a seemingly never-ending parade of well-served Dutch fans on their way to a Euro 2012 match. Let’s check the video that comes via Sportsgrid to see if the tape was able to catch any shenanigans going on as the reporter attempted to tape her segment.

Annnnddd that went exactly as I think everyone predicted. This video honestly looks like what I’d imagine if all the Youtube commentators for some reason assembled (a very scary thought) and held a parade. Just nonstop trolling, yelling and jackassery as far as the eye can see.

What’s especially impressive is the reporter’s composure, as she miraculously is able maintain it even though it’s immediately evident that this bit is doomed from the start. Not even the barrage of nonstop distractions, harassment, Charlie Kelly and drunken marriage proposals seems to completely derail her.

Unfortunately for the Dutch fans, their time at Euro 2012 has come to an abrupt end. A disappointing winless record in pool play has knocked them out of the tournament. I’m sure after yesterday’s loss to Portugal a similar parade of fans embarked on a journey back to a pub.