During the UFC's show on Fox on Saturday night, they will be taking a page out of the book of their former competitor PRIDE Fighting Championship and introducing a "ref cam". The camera will be located in a vest that will be worn under the referee's shirt, with the lens of the camera located at the top button of the shirt. In the above picture, you can see the camera in place of the top button. It doesn't look like much, but it's there.

The ref cam used by the UFC is much sleeker and less noticeable than the camera used by officials in PRIDE, which was clunky and looked like a neck halo supporting the referee. While the new camera isnt going to exactly change the outcome of fights or decisions, it will give us a good look at what exactly the referee is watching during exchanges and groundwork, as well as give fans a unique persepctive of the fight taking place.

This is nothing new for Fox, which has perhaps most famously used a camera embedded right in front of home plate during baseball games and even in the track during NASCAR races to give viewers a new vantage point.

[h/t: MMA Crossfire]

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