The position of hokcey analysts in recent years between the benches has been one of the more novel innovations in recent broadcasting history.  Granted, when Pierre McGuire is between the glass, the potential insight gained from such a unique perspective is minimal.  However, what often isn’t considered is the danger of analysts being so close to the action.  Well, TSN analyst Mike Johnson came close to finding out just how dangerous his position between the glass is.  As Claude Giroux of the Flyers gets tangled up between the benches, his stick literally goes into Johnson’s booth.  Luckily for Johnson, his nice sparkly watch is the only victim.  Johnson was a veteran of over 650 NHL games for the Maple Leafs and others, so at least he’s used to putting his body at risk.  On the TV side of things though, it’s probably better to lose a Rolex than a few teeth.