Dutch star Robin Van Persie made waves in the soccer world by announcing his intent to reject a new contract offer from Arsenal this week.  RVP will be out of contract at the end of next season and this decision for all intents and purposes will bring an end to his time at Arsenal sooner or later.  Van Persie made it clear in his statement that the ambitions at Arsenal (appearing more frugal as a “big club” compared to the likes of Man City, Barcelona, and Real Madrid) did not match his own ambitions.  Van Persie led the Premier League with 30 goals last season, but it was another season without a trophy for Arsenal, who haven’t won a competition since 2005. 

Why does this matter to you?  It matters because this guy, KSIOlajidebt (who appears to be something of a Youtube sensation), has made one of the great fan rants of all-time.  If you want to imagine the pain on display below, imagine being a fan of any team that has seen their star player leave for seemingly greener pastures – Toronto and Chris Bosh, Cleveland and LeBron James, Orlando and Dwight Howard, etc.  Imagine your franchise savior in Minnesota, Milwaukee, or Cincinnati leaving you for the Yankees.  Except, Arsenal is supposed to be a big club, not a feeder for the big spenders.  After all, it was less than 10 years ago when Arsenal went an entire EPL season undefeated with The Invincibles.  

All of this leads to what is a fantastic eruption of volcanic proportions.  Our friend KSlOlajdebt not only rips Van Persie, his statement, and his ambitions… he drives a stake through RVP’s heart by quick selling him from his FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.  That’ll show him!


(H/T SportsGrid)

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