The draft feed has some strange technical difficulties

We’ve reached Day 3 of the NFL Draft and Rounds 4-7, which is the day hardcore draftnkis truly relish.  It’s Day 3 where the Kipers and McShays and Mayocks of the world truly make their living as fans talk themselves into finding the next Tom Brady or Marques Colston in the latter rounds.  For’s online draft feed, it was also time to endure this bizarre cutaway to three random people sitting in a living room eating somewhere.  As Mike Mayock is analyzing the Texans’ pick of Georgia center Ben Jones, the online feed cuts to these folks watching something (we assume the draft) instead of what is supposed to be Jones’ highlight package.  

I’d assume this is some potential draftee and family, but if anyone has any idea who they are or why they were here, it’d be nice to know.  If this is indicative of things to come, it could be a very interesting Day 3 to the Draft…


H/T ginjaninja78

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