The NFL on Fox Robot is taking shots at the NHL


Do you know when your sport is having problems gaining traction in America? When a comedian running an account based on Fox's NFL robot Cleatus is taking shots at your league, it might be time to look at a new strategy when it comes to what exactly you're doing.

For as harsh as this seems on the surface, it's actually pretty true. Even the most hardcore, die-hard NHL fans are sick and tired of the talks between the league and the players union, and no one is even batting an eye at games getting canceled seemingly after every meeting between the two entities. In a way, the NHL has brought this situation where a make believe robot for the NFL on Fox is making jokes at their expense.

Does anyone remember when Fox *did* care about the NHL, though? Fox had the NHL rights for five seasons from 1994 to 1999, and their coverage of the league was largely forgettable… aside from the glowing puck of course.

Joe Lucia

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