The NCAA’s One Shining Moment was misspelling “Atlanta”

The highlight of the National Championship game last night may have been this hilarious snafu from the NCAA.  Nothing says competence like misspelling the name of next year’s Final Four city as “Alanta” instead of “Atlanta.”  It’s not like “Poughkeepsie” or “Albuquerque.”  Keep in mind this isn’t someone in a network truck pressing a wrong button for a simple graphic, an editor making a typo, or a writer just forgetting a simple thing.  No, this is a signboard displayed to several million viewers representing the NCAA.  Thankfully, NCAA watchdog Jay Bilas was quick to point out the hilarious mistake.

Given this gaffe, the multiple lane violations that decided games, the number of missed shots to close out games, and the overall downturn in play this year, it’s a shame One Shining Moment didn’t go the ironic direction for 2012 with a blooper reel.  Oh well, it’s still one of the annual rites of passage in sports worth looking forward to each year.  Here’s One Shining Moment for 2012…

Matt Yoder

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