The Billy Packer Chronicles – Sweet 16 Open Thread


We’re into the second weekend of the tournament and the second full week of the Billy Packer Chronicles!  Clark Kellogg leads Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller in the Billies standings although it’s still wide open with a few rounds yet to play.  Unfortunately, with truTV out of the picture and games solely on CBS and TBS for the Sweet 16, Charles Barkley will have to look elsewhere besides Hardcore Pawn for comedic inspiration.  There’s always Frank TV I suppose… (What?!?  It was cancelled three years ago?!?!  How did this happen!!!)  In case you’ve forgotten with all the NFL Madness taking place this week, the schedule and announcing assignments are here.  Leave us all the announcer and analyst quotes in the comments below or tweet them to us at @awfulannouncing and/or by using the hashtag #BPAA.

“An assassin with an angel’s countenance” – Bill Raftery (via jbunney) on Aaron Craft

“Thomas I think got the slap from the rear.” – Bill Raftery (via AA)

“People say he can run and jump. So can a deer. And you wouldn’t put a deer in the game.” – Charles Barkley (via AA)

“How’d you like to take a charge on him. Say good night to Nancy!” – Bill Raftery (via AA) on Jared Sullinger

“You’re hot.” – Lesley Visser (via AA)

“Nail. In. The. Coffin.” – Reggie Miller as Louisville goes up by FIFTEEN with 58 sec. left (via SeahawkSanders)

“The teacher vs. the mentor” – Len Elmore (via swampdavid1)

“if you look at the score you will know who is winning the game” – Charles Barkley (via tec6062)

“If you missed the earlier game, you saw amazing shooting by Wisconsin…” – Verne Lundquist. I missed it, but I saw it? (via russmaloney)

“Good call there by Ted Valentine” – Reggie Miller (via RYbbc34)

“It shouldnt matter if the elbow was inadvertent or advertent” – Len Elmore (via xavmcd)

“You’ve got to go to the free throw line and make free throws if you’re Florida” – Len Elmore (via thedevilwolf)

“You just got Dieng’ad” – Reggie Miller (via Josh_Batelli)

“Big time Snatch!” – Bill Raftery (via JasonShubnell)


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