Even I have to admit, Call Me Maybe is a catchy song.  Not catchy in the Friday sense, where it gets in your head and you can't get it out without going all Gus Frerotte on the nearest concrete wall, but legitimately catchy.  It's ok, I'm comfortable enough with who I am to admit that.

Anyhoo, for a while there, it seemed like everyone in the universe was making Call Me Maybe parody videos.  In fact, any organized group riding in a van or bus posted a Call Me Maybe video to Youtube.  Well, just in time for us to have forgotten about that craze, the Big Ten's mascots teamed up for what hopefully will be the last parody video of the song.  I actually like the unconventional method of releasing something a week or two past it's memedom peak.  

The video is actually well done and makes you wonder why Texas A&M didn't try something like this for their infamous "Welcome to the SEC" video…

A nice performance from those costumed co-eds.  Now, for their next act, if the mascots could only work on fixing that Legends and Leaders nonsense and pulling off a successful coup d'etat of Jim Delany, then the Big Ten's national reputation would really be back on the upswing. 

(via BTN)

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