Like your lovable 24 year old frat brother who you can't imagine college life without, the Pam Ward Chronicles have returned for a sixth season!  While we've lost half of our Mount Rushmore this season with Pam Ward and Craig James out of the booth, that doesn't mean we can't have the best Pammies season yet.  We still have Matt Millen alive and well.

If this is your first time (first of all, where have you been all our lives?), here's the rundown.  Leave us all the best, weirdest, most humorous, and most awful announcer quotes from anyone covering college football in the comment thread below.  We will update the Pammies as we are able to with your comments in the thread and Tweets to us at AA throughout the day.  Use the hashtag #PWAA to send in submissions via Twitter or leave a comment below.  We'll update the thread Saturday morning and bring you the nominees on Monday to vote and meet here every week until Craig James is no longer the reigning Pammies champion.  

Enjoy your opening week of college football down on Real Street!

Your Week 1 Announcing Schedule

"I'm putting my biggest guy on his nose, and jumping him." – Glenn Parker (via sctvman)

"He is a small package, he's only about 160 pounds." – David Pollack (via AA)

"I don't know what disconcerting is." – Aaron Taylor (via sctvman)

"Alabama is used to playing on national TV, Michigan is not." – Mark May (via WebbNHD)

"When he's good, he's good.  When he's bad, he's bad." – Andre Ware (via NotFakeRichardH)

"He's a FOOTBALL player." – James Bates (via sctvman)

"He's possessed by things unseen, and he's running the wrong way. Why does Towson tackle him? Why don't his own teammates tackle him?" – Scott Van Pelt (via Daniel)

"Discount double check down" – Rece Davis (via JKoenAU)

"There's a ginormous height differential." – Jesse Palmer (via sctvman)

"I don't think that was holding. I saw no hold there. I'm not so sure about that." – Matt Millen (via Daniel)

"The Irish people, they're used to watching hurling, which looks like a mixture of lacrosse and second degree manslaughter." – David Feherty (via AA)

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