In what sounds like the greatest hour of television since “Who Shot J.R.?”, Allen Wranglers wide receiver Terrell Owens will make an appearance this week with Dr. Phil.  This is not a joke.  This is not one of those Onion posts where you take two of the most ridiculous things on the planet and bring them together in a sort of, “yea it’s funny, but nothing like that would ever happen in reality” kind of way.  No, this actually is happening.  

You may be asking yourself, why in the world would T.O. go anywhere near Dr. Phil?  Well, the news gets better.  Owens visited Dr. Phil to encounter three women who say he is the father of their children.  Supernovas are exploding across the known universe in anticipation of this monumental event.  CBS News has a preview of the program that will air at some point this week…

Owens said the interview felt like a firing squad, Dr. Phil McGraw said Monday on “CBS This Morning.” However, McGraw said he didn’t ambush Owens on the show – he knew what he would face on the show. “He says he wants to set the record straight. He wants to tell people he’s not the person the media has depicted him of being,” McGraw said, but added, “I’m not sure he made a lot of progress with these women.”

In the taped interview, one of the women tells Owens, “I have been raising our daughter to the best of my ability. I’ve tried to be the best mother I can be. I have always supported you Terrell and I think you know that. I have come to your defense all the time because I realize you are my child’s father. I would not wish any harm on you, I wish you nothing but the best because I know how I feel as a daughter.”

Even Antonio Cromartie thinks this is not a good idea for T.O.  Has the odyssey of Terrell Owens really reached this point?  I mean, we all knew there would be some bizarre turns in the latter stages of T.O.’s public persona… but Dr. Phil?  (Also, the Allen Wranglers??)  Is Terrell Owens this desperate for attention?  Given the quotes above from Dr. Phil, the trainwreck potential of this program is limitless.  T.O. has done plenty of things throughout his professional career that could be considered less than smart.  Confronting multiple women that have fathered your children under the watchful eye of Phil McGraw has to top that list.  

Then again, this is one half of the braintrust behind the T. Ocho Show, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.  

(Via CBS News)

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