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During a press conference this afternoon, MLB commissioner Bud Selig announced that the two one game wild card playoff games would be broadcast by TBS. As part of the agreement, two of a potential 20 division series games will be shifting from Turner to MLB Network. Turner also retains the rights to any “game 163” playoff tiebreaker games.

“The new format will create two compelling Wild Card match-ups for fans that will begin our Postseason with unprecedented pressure and implications,” said Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig. “We are confident that TBS will provide outstanding coverage and promotion of the games. I am also very pleased that this arrangement allows for MLB Network to air Postseason games for the first time. MLB Network has done a remarkable job with its live game coverage and I am certain that its extraordinary work will continue as it produces Postseason games.”

Ever since MLB announced the addition of an extra wild card in each league this offseason, the fate of the wild card playoff games remained in flux. Turner initially assumed that the games would be included as part of their contract to air any division tiebreaker games, but that apparently wasn’t the case, and MLB forced a negotiation for the games. Ultimately though, Turner won out.

Last month, I discussed where the two games would ultimately end up. I thought that the MLB Network was the favorite, with Turner coming in second in my rankings. Turner got the games, but with MLB Network potentially airing a pair of LDS games, they were a winner in this situation too.

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