With the Super Bowl approaching in less than two weeks, excitement is building not just for the game, but for the commercials.  If you aren’t a Giants or Patriots fan, the commercials are one way to get your mind off your team not being in the big game.  Super Bowl commercials have taken on a life of their own over the years and draw in a sizeable portion of the Super Bowl’s annual record setting audience.  Each commercial this year can cost a company between 3.5 and 4 MILLION dollars for just thirty seconds of air time.  

Thankfully, the folks at Next Media Animation, who you may know for their Taiwanese animation videos, have taken the time to instruct all of us on what goes into a successful, viral Super Bowl ad.  Key elements include…

-Talking babies
-Talking animals
-Hot women, preferably not wearing clothes
Beer playing football
-Nut shots
Animals playing football
Talking frogs, specifically
Old celebrities
Star Wars

Yup, that pretty much sums up every single successful Super Bowl commercial ever made.  Except this one.  I’m still trying to figure out though why everything in American culture is automatically funnier when seen through the eyes of Taiwanese animation…


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