skip and suggs

ESPN First Take has taken internet trolling mainstream. It’s a couple hours each day devoted to manufactured arguements and everything Tim Tebow. With Tebow out of the playoffs, Skip decided for whatever reason to set his sights on Ball So Hard University alum, Terrell Suggs. Following the Ravens ousting the Texans from the playoffs the two had this enlightening conversation. If you don’t want to sit through seven plus minutes of Skip (I don’t blame you one bit), it’s basically just him antagonizing one of the best defensive players in the league following a playoff win.

Cut to this morning. Skip had Suggs on following the tough defeat to the Patriots. As you can see from this video from Black Sports Online, this time it didn’t go as swimmingly.

It’s always nice when Skip Bayless and his stable of awful analysts (Rob Parker might the worst) gets knocked around on live television. It’s unfortunate that the video cuts off right there because I always enjoy a flabbergasted Skip. Also, if he really is the master of trolling his response would have definitely been something like this one from Wet Hot American Summer.

[Black Sports Online]