In ESPN's quest to make Monday Night Football (the only NFL game the network actually has broadcast rights to) into a 9 hour event, the 6 PM SportsCenter did their normal check-in with the Monday Night Countdown venue team.

With the surprising development that Colin Kaepernick would start over a concussed Alex Smith, Stuart Scott was caught unprepared to guide the discourse about Kaepernick's first NFL start.


As many of you know Kaepernick is not "one of the forgotten men of that rookie class this year", but rather in his second year in the NFL. While Kaepernick didn't really do much to get noticed last year, you'd think Scott would be in the know of the background of one of the starting quarterbacks in tonight's game given that Kaepernick's elevation to starter is one of the bigger stories today.

This isn't the first time an ESPN NFL personality has swung in miss in regards to the rookie status of a player. Last April, Hugh Douglas embarrassingly seemed to be completely unaware of AJ Green's prolific rookie year in the NFL. 

It's a bit of a tossup in terms of what's the biggest flub as anyone covering the NFL should have known about AJ Green. While I'd probably give the nod to Douglas for the bigger brain fart, it is a bit troubling that Scott is in the dark here given how intensive ESPN's efforts are to encompass Monday Night Football with analysis, promotion, and speculation.

Also it's interesting that nobody corrected him as I'm guessing that's the preferred way to go opposed to calling out one of your colleagues on national television.

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