Straight Outta Stockton – Week 7

We've already covered a couple of announcing bloopers from Sunday's NFL action, but don't worry, there's still plenty of leftover goodness for Straight Outta Stockton including Dick Stockton's fondness of his partner John Lynch, Lynch's fondness for Fox programming, and some new ground broken for Antonio Cromartie…

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Straight Outta Stockton Week 7


Last week was an awesome debut for the Dick Stockton Chronicles – Straight Outta Stockton.  Thanks to all of you who left a comment or tweeted in a quote.  Redzone’s Scott Hanson will go down in the record books (there are record books for this, right?) as the first ever weekly winner.  Dick himself mustered seventh place while Phil Simms and Brian Billick look like top contenders as well.  Don’t forget to also leave us any quotes from pre or postgame shows (especially Countdown!) as well.

We’ll try and update the thread as best as we can on Sundays, but you can check the comments below and our Twitter timeline for all submissions.  Then, we’ll be back on Tuesdays with 15-20 nominees and you’ll vote on our Top 10 for the week.  SOS winners will be announced Thursdays with updated standings.  Below you can find the links to last week’s Top 10 and this week’s NFL announcing schedule with broadcast maps.


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Week 6 Dickies Winners & Standings

Week 7 NFL Announcing Schedule 


“the jets have a lot of problems, and one of those problems is…isn’t… the quarterbacks.” – Phil Simms (via bjo109)

Marv Albert: “Rich have you played overseas?”
Rich Gannon: “Yes, I have played in Mexico.” (via deisner17) 

“first pick in the last 77 throws for Sanchez” – Jim Nantz (via dougrox14) Well…he’s thrown 2 picks today…

“The Panthers just ran the little read option.” – Tim Ryan (via sctvman)

“I actually watched the World Championships this morning.” – Daryl Johnston (via AA) talking rugby. It’s the World Cup, but close enough.

“Kubiak was a ball boy for Oilers when his Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips was head coach.” – Marv Albert (via JPMontalbano) Bum, maybe?

“San Diego had gone 19 quarters without getting points off takeovers.” “No, turnovers.” – Jim Nantz (via sctvman)

“Looks like they ran out of brown bear costumes there Moose.” – Tony Siragusa (via AA)

“Cleveland’s brown… Cleveland’s ball.” – Ron Pitts (via TheNewMVA)

“Let’s play beat the penalty.” – Chris Myers (via sctvman)

“That’s what you call a spinal tap shot.” – Tim Ryan (via sctvman)

“The food here is outstanding here in London.” – Tony Siragusa (via AA)

“It looks like they may throw the ball here.” Phil Simms (via MikeMarciano33) when the Jets go 5 wide…

Ron Pitts: You’re old school.
Jim Mora: I don’t know what I am. (Sighing) I’m a broadcaster right now. (via JohnLewisSports)

“Harris just got bent over there” – Jim Nantz (via JRWaits)

Now it’s time for our Captain Munnerlyn predictably unnecessary puns section…

“He may be Private Munnerlyn after that play from Ron Rivera and Sean McDermott.” – Tim Ryan (via sctvman)

“The Captain just became the Major.” – Tim Ryan (via AdamLawsonEU)

“Captain, Oh Captain” – Chris Myers (via AdamLawsonEU)

Kinda glad I’m not watching Skins/Panthers today.

“Looks like we have one second left here. One untimed play.” - Chris Myers (via MikeScottL)

“This is why Tony Gonzalez is so phenomenal. He’s like a receiver down the field.” – Brian Billick (via jrgarcia19) You. Don’t. Say.

“We got to get excited about something, let’s get excited about these punts!” – Kevin Harlan (via The506) on Denver/Miami.

This is their version of the no-huddleI know theyre huddling up.” – Brian Billick (via jfishSOTW)

“Time of possession with no points is useless. It’s like calories in a diet that don’t count.” – Brian Billick (via MCPitlik)

“The backup is Chris Redman, who has not played in a regular season game.” – Sam Rosen (via wchandlerparker) He’s attempted ~500 passes.

“I am scatching my head watching this game” – Jim Mora (via steve5643)

“Cam Newton is tune-in TV” – Chris Myers (via ShutdownLine)

“Grab him by the waist and get into position” - Jim Mora (via steve5643)

“Key here, don’t lose the field goal opportunity to make this a one-score game.” – John Lynch (via mustango13) with the Falcons up 4.

“That play (awkward scramble) is why Colt McCoy is a WINNER” – Ron Pitts (via CFPtherealOG) His career record is 4-9.

Matt Yoder

About Matt Yoder

Managing Editor of Awful Announcing and award winning sportswriter. Bloguin consigliere. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.