ESPN NFL analyst Steve Young was in the middle of making a solid point about the unpredictability of the regular season and the playoffs during the Monday Night Football postgame show within SportsCenter.  He was talking about the context of the Patriots blowout of the Texans and what may happen if the teams had a rematch in the postseason.  Then he blurted out this…

"But this is the NBA, where the regular season is kind of all over the place…"

I can remember analysts flubbing players, cities, teams, and pretty much everything under the sun.  But the actual league itself?  This is new territory even for AA.  The priceless look on Suzy Kolber's face says it all.

I'm just glad I could get this video out before Rick Reilly got it first on Twitter.

Update: Several people also alerted us to Steve Young making a comment about the Texans thinking "they have the biggest dick in the league."  You can catch that video here.  I'm almost sure that's what Young says.  "Biggest stick" doesn't really make too much sense.  Oh well, so many of these clips have an element of ambiguity to them, you can never be positive what someone says on television anymore.  Right, Stephen A?

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