Chicago Bulls analyst Stacey King has developed quite the reputation and following for his jubilant, colorful calls.  He’s made his mark as an analyst that is given room to scream excitably and be more of the voice of the fan when highlight plays happen.  That style isn’t for everybody, but it sure is entertaining.  Anyone that has their own soundboard has reached a certain milestone as a broadcaster.  But Stacey King’s best call may be his new favorite for a huge dunk, inspired by this AT&T commercial.  Take this call from this week when the Bulls were playing in Orlando as Joakim Noah throws one down over Big Baby Davis.  Stacey’s used this call eariler in the month, but this one just seemed to have more behind it.  There’s also the added effect of seeing Big Baby Davis attempting to block a dunk and crash to the hardwood with a look on his face that asks in stunned amazement, “did Joakim Noah just put me on a poster?”  Like the dunk contest itself, announcers have to be more and more creative with their excited descriptions of them.   Thank you Stacey King, hopefully someone has posted your video to Facebook… 

Google+ is so jealous.

(h/t Thunder Treats)

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