Chicago Bulls color commentator Stacey King is excitable. A visit to his soundboard webpage and clicking on “splash!” a dozen or so times will confirm this fact. So it comes as no surprise that a majestic swooping lay up by Brian Scalabrine over E! superstar Kris Humphries in the second quarter of a lopsided Bulls/Nets tilt would produce a memorable call.

For you that just watched that clip and still do not trust your ears…here is a transcript.

King- “OOOHH, SCAL! THE WHITE MAMBA! DON’T DO ‘EM LIKE THAT! DON’T SHOW THEM THE VERSATILITY! Show one side and go to the other. Boy that boy is smooth, Funk.”

Scalabrine averages 1.4 points and 6.5 enthusiastic high fives off the bench per game. He’s pretty much that guy you would make in create a player mode in a videogame after you’ve been huffing paint.

The White Mamba is pretty harmless these days, but that wasn’t always the case. As a Pistons fan, I looked on in horror as Scalabrine’s dominance put the Nets one game away from eliminating the eventual 2004 champions in a classic game that went into triple OT. Check out this line from that article,

“Scalabrine made all four of his 3-pointers, including one that gave New Jersey a 122-118 lead with about 40 seconds left in the third overtime.”

See, Scalabrine can be cold blooded, like a mamba.