This video of Julie Tristan from Show Me St. Louis made the viral rounds this weekend because of the way she repeatedly hit on the reigning World Series MVP.  Freese was on the show to ride the Six Flags Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast ride.  Freese… Freeze… GET IT!!  Before we go any further, here’s your obligatory medley of Mr. Freeze puns from Arnold Schwarzenegger…


Back to Julie Tristan, who has a MAJOR crush on David Freese.  I don’t think Show Me St. Louis is supposed to be the epicenter of journalism in the Gateway to the West, what with hard-hitting segments like “Show Me St. Louis Pets” and “Flan recipe for Cinco de Mayo.”  It seems like the host riding a roller coaster with David Freese and hitting on him fits the m.o. of the show.  Give Julie Tristan credit, at least she was smart enough to bring along a wingman (wingwoman?) for the occasion.  

If you can criticize Julie at all, it’s for the lack of subtleness of her approach and lame, obnoxious quality of the actual questions below:

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Do you prefer maybe like blondes or like brunettes?”

“Do your friends in the locker room call you like GQ?”

“Do you think we’re pretty?”

Yipes.  At least act like you belong a little bit, Julie!  You host a (what I presume to be) semi-popular magazine show in America’s 58th largest city!  These pathetic attempts are beneath you.  Watch the gory segment below…


If you actually watched that entire segment, you must have the patience of Job… and, Julie Tristan’s response to her many critics on Twitter won’t surprise you in the least.  At least she is staying positive…

At least I can now thank Julie Tristan for making “Thanks Randoms!’ part of my daily vocabulary.

(video via KSDK)

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