We received this stunning note into our inbox from Kyle, a Reds fan in Ohio and a "valued Time Warner customer" about a strange happening Wednesday night during an 11 inning 6-5 Cincinnati victory over the Chicago Cubs.  Kyle writes to say the game was relegated to a digital TV channel due to a conflcit with a Columbus Crew match (games for both teams air on Fox Sports Ohio).  But, of course, that's not all!  During extra innings, TWC cut away from the game at midnight to show infomercials!

"I had a "Heidi" moment tonight.

I live in Maria Stein, Ohio. We get our TV through Time Warner because it's the only cable option in our town.

Tonight's Reds-Cubs game was bumped from Fox Sports Ohio because of the Columbus Crew game. The channel the Reds game was on tonight is only available on digital TV, which is stupid, but I do have access to it on one TV. So this is not the bad part of the story.

The stupid part is at midnight, during extra innings, Time Warner decided to stop showing the Reds-Cubs game in favor of ads for pay-per-view movies. This seriously happened.

I didn't get to see how the game ended, but now I know I can watch "The Three Stooges" for $4.99.

Thanks, Time Warner!!!"

There were a couple other folks on Twitter who expressed a similar situation happening to them…

I've experienced a regional sports channel having to use an alternate network before… but having that alternate network cut away from an extra innings game?  For a team chasing a pennant?  In late September?  That's impressive new ground for the beast from the depths of the underworld that is Time Warner Cable.  I've never heard of a local sports channel cutting away in the middle of a game for infomercials.  I do love me some Three Stooges though…

Experience anything like this?  Drop us a note in the comments or via our e-mail inbox.

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