There might be nothing in sports that agitates me more than when the greatest athletes in the world flop around like they just collided with a Transformer. A players acting ability depressingly is a valued skill in many sports and can easily alter the outcome of the game. If “swagger” can be a rating in Madden then it is just a matter of time before flopping takes over our beloved video games.

Anyways, I was actually in the Breslin Center last night for Izzo’s 400th win so this quote was brought to our attention last night when a Minnesota player Vlade’d after being backed down by Michigan State’s Derrick Nix. Here’s the play and BTN’s Shon Morris reaction.

You heard it right. Morris said, “the last time I saw something flop like that, I threw tartar sauce on it and hit it with an oar.” Well, I agree with the sentiment, but I do not agree with the way he prepares his fish. Another enjoyable thing about this clip is the maniacal cackling in the background by Gus Johnson.

Speaking of Gus, here’s his call of Draymond Green rising and firing and knocking down a three at the buzzer at the end of the first half.

I do believe Gus Johnson did just moan in reaction to a buzzer beater. No doubt about it now, he LOVES his college basketball.