NFL Network's biggest flaw isn't a unique one: Too many talking heads. Too many former players phoning it in for an hour a day by dishing clichés and operating as if their playing careers are the only credentials necessary for them to do their new jobs. They rarely have anything outside the box or unique to say, and often cause channel surfers to move on to greener pastures elsewhere on their cable boxes.

But the network's latest hire might stray from that. Shaun O'Hara has officially retired after 11 NFL seasons and is joining NFLN full time

The former New York Giants center had been working with the network this summer, and he was a pleasant surprise in his analyst role. The 35-year-old is funny and insightful and seems to be dedicated to putting in the work required to actually add a new dimension to a sports news broadcast such as NFL Total Access.

Something tells me the network's rumored Donovan McNabb experiment won't go as smoothly. 

Then again, anything beats Warren Sapp and Jamie Dukes.