Screengrab Snafu: The LA Kings get Steve Nash!

There is just something about the Los Angeles Kings and snafus.  The reigning Stanley Cup Champions were the victim of a record number of goofs, botches, and awkward moments in their playoff run.  We had PA botches, confusion with the Sacramento Kings, screwing up players’ names, and even spankings.  But alas, finally, with a Stanley Cup, the shoe is on the other foot and it’s one of the Los Angeles Lakers being confused with the Kings!  Forget Nash teaming up with Kobe Bryant, the Lakers are past their prime, LA is a hockey town now.  CP24 in Toronto reported the stunning news that Steve Nash was traded to the Kings in a history making cross-sport blockbuster.  Who did the Suns get back in return?  Dustin Brown?  Jonathan Quick?  Paulina Gretzky?  By the way, I think CP24 doesn’t have enough graphics and tickers going, it’s just not… busy enough for my liking.

(H/T tarps3 via Arash Markazi)

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