Whether the above snafu comes from Longhorn Network, a devious cable TV guide operator, or is just blind luck… it's a clever parting shot from Texas to their former longtime rivals at Texas A&M.  The description for the above Longhorn Network special waves goodbye to Texas A&M as they move from the Big XII to the ACC.  In reality, A&M is going to the SEC.

The confusing aspect isn't the snafu though, it's why Longhorn Network would air an hour long special on Texas A&M leaving the conference?  Is it an hour long celebration?  A highlight package of Texas' biggest victories over the Aggies?  An explanation from DeLoss Dodds on why he can't find a solution to extend the rivalry as A&M leaves the Big XII?  If more than 37 people actually had Longhorn Network, maybe we'd have an answer.

(H/T Dr Saturday)

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