Screengrab Snafu: Islanders vs Kings? Islanders? Really?

No, it’s not just Los Angeles television stations that don’t know their own hockey team.  ABC’s New York station gives us the gift of this snafu in their coverage of the Stanley Cup Finals with the wrong team.  It’s not just that they pulled the wrong “non-Rangers local hockey team” logo, they doubled down with the “Islanders vs Kings” headline.  Did the ABC station in New York cover the Devils-Rangers series at all?  Do they know how playoff tournaments work?  In my mind, this is a much bigger facepalm than the LA Station going with the Sacramento Kings logo instead of the LA Kings.  Imagining the Islanders instead of the Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals takes some work, especially considering the Islanders haven’t even made the playoffs since 2007 and the Devils are going for their fourth Stanley Cup since 1995.  Using the Duke Blue Devils logo would have at least been in the right ballpark.

[via Deadspin]

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