Screengrab Snafu: Fox Sports South gets it all wrong

That’s the Braves telecast on Fox Sports South congratulating a team that’s certainly not the Braves for winning a series in a place the Braves certainly weren’t playing last night.  Now, maybe you can pass this off as Fox Sports South getting their wires crossed with Fox Sports Florida or something like that.  But… there are so many things wrong going on here, it’s helpful to list them off numerically.

1) The Atlanta Braves are not the Miami Marlins.
2) The Atlanta Braves are playing the New York Yankees, not the Philadelphia Phillies.
3) The Marlins are currently playing a 3 game series in Boston against the Red Sox, although in fairness, they did win a series against the Phillies in the beginning of June.
4) The Braves victory against the Yankees tied their 3 game set at 1 game a piece after a Yankees win yesterday and the final game of the series happening this afternoon.

Other than that, no problemo.

(H/T lingsched)

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