In some kind of cruel joke or expert trolling, Sarah Phillips (or someone claiming to be Sarah Phillips) has dipped her toe back into the internet waters.  In case you’ve forgotten, and I wouldn’t blame you with the here today gone tomorrow news cycle, Phillips was the former ESPN columnist involved in many internet scams from her own employment at ESPN to fake Willy Wonka Twitter accounts and more craziness.

For a brief stretch a couple months ago, Sarah Phillips was one of the most talked about people on the internet.  And then she disappeared… until now.  Phillips (or Nilesh Prasad, or someone she sold her account to for a scooter) has returned on her Twitter account with a couple tweets in recent days, both of them about the Miami Heat and LeBron James after NBA Finals victories.

This is superb.  The most notorious internet scam artist/sports columnist just randomly drops in with a few words to endorse one of the least liked athletes in sports as he gets closer to winning that elusive championship.  Well played.  Since all ESPN seems to do these days is talk about the Miami Heat, maybe someone in Bristol will give Sarah Phillips a call to come back and provide the pro-LeBron side of their debate shows.  Or, Sarah Phillips will periodically support the most unpopular people in sports for the rest of eternity just to troll the world.  Either one seems like a fitting end to her story.

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