Fresh off his appearance as "Sex Idiot" on 30 Rock, Ryan Lochte had the honor of being College Gameday's celebrity picker. 

Lochte, to the surprise of many including the Gameday guys, bucked his interview history and actually strung together a variety words to form coherent sentences and actually sounded knowledgeable in his picks.

But every minute of Lochte talking on live television is like a game of Jenga. The longer it goes without incident,  the more you are pushing your luck. Unfortunately for Lochte, his answer for picking a winner for LSU vs. Texas A&M wielded a very odd answer.


I love how Chris Fowler dives in there like a high school algebra tutor trying to guide Lochte to the right answer in his notes. The SEC again continues the tradition started by Forrest Gump of churning out fast famous athletes who can be awkward socially.

In the end, Lochte appeared on two popular television programs this week and it seems that his 15 minutes of fame will never end. Oddly I'm okay with that.

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